The President’s Corner

President’s Corner- May 2021

I hope everyone enjoys this warmer weather. Now, if only the wind can cooperate. Many of us do not enjoy playing in the wind. It is harder, no doubt. The wind can accentuate a poor strike, taking it further right or left of your intended target line. Anyway, I looked online line for tips playing in the wind. There are many links online but I found one by Justin Adams, titled “10 Expert Tips for Playing in the Wind”. Take a look at it and see if this helps your game. Click here for that link.

Secondly, I know many enjoy smoking cigars during play. I am in a unique position as I also ranger two days a week. I have been seeing more cigar butts on the course…Please dispose of them properly. Be careful not to throw them in the garbage containers at each hole since it may start a fire in them. One other item of notice is that us, as homeowners, paid to have carts at the shop for rent. We have new ones now. If you smoke cigars, please don’t sit them in the plastic trays for obvious reasons. If you smoke, purchase a cigar holder for golf carts and use them. I have seen some very good cigar holders made by our golfers here out of PVC or similar.

Lastly, I am interested in some feedback for a “special” kind of skins game, more outside our regular tournament program. I was thinking for a $2.00 entry fee we have a skins game where only “net eagles” are in play. It would be separated out in two flights. One flight for those having a handicap (index)15.0> and the other flight <14.9. 100% payout. If no one wins in the skins money that week, the money would be rolled into next week’s tournament. Each week would cost $2.00. As you can see if there is no one in the flight that wins, there can be some considerable cash payout as it accumulates each week… I’d need someone to run it. Let me know.

Martin Wibbenhorst

QCMGA President


Posted by Jerry Colbert for Martin Wibbenhorst.


President’s Corner- February 2021

Shelves/ Posting/ Catering

1. We are working with other Quail Creek Golf associations installing shelves inside the pro shop. Together we will place some of the trophies we have in place, update some others and potentially reduce others since we will be sharing shelf space.

2. Posting our scores is extremely important on a day in/ day out basis. Currently we do not have a computer to post in the pro shop.  That doesn’t seem to be a large problem as many post through their phone or computer app. If you are not familiar with posting via these means we have folks that can help you!  On the other hand, some games we play are not postable (such as a scramble). If you have questions when to post or not to post, you can contact Russ Adamson.

Russ will also have a small committee where each will take a day of the week to do a “check and balance”. This is nothing new! The procedure is to match up the day of play taken from Chelsea (which also includes the hand entries from the pro shop staff). His crew will then match these and check to see they posted.  Russ will receive any discrepancies and contact that member. It’s a big task but all our players expect each other’s handicaps to be true and correct so we can have fair and competitive play out there Therefore, if Russ gives you a call and/ or e-mail, please be polite…

3. Lastly, my Agenda this year is to work with the catering group in seeking to have a fair meal for a fair price. This is our money. More on this as we move forward this year!

Martin Wibbenhorst

QCMGA President


Posted by Jerry Colbert for Martin Wibbenhorst.


President’s Corner – January 2021

I am looking forward to being your 2021 Board President. We have some exciting changes planned on our horizon. These include skin games, a 50/50 raffle (with two winners) and having a Gold Tee flight.

In addition, with social distancing, wearing protective respiratory masks, self-quarantines, etc., I will be making our monthly Board Meetings available to all our members via Zoom. Many of you may not be familiar with this medium. If you download Zoom to your computer, you will be able to login and join our Board Meetings. The dates and times for our Zoom Board Meetings will vary since we are playing Tee Times versus Shotgun Starts.

You can contact me at anytime and I will get back to you as soon as possible. Below is my contact information and we are always looking for volunteers. Contact me if you wish to help out!

Martin Wibbenhorst

QCMGA President


Posted by Jerry Colbert on behalf of Martin Wibbenhorst.


Posted December 21, 2020

Dear Quail Creek Golf Association Members

It has been a very interesting two years.  I just want to take this opportunity to thank all of the members of the Club for supporting me during the two years of my Presidency.  I believe we have accomplished a great deal and leave the 2021 Board in good hands. 

First of all, I would like to thank our outgoing Board Member Norm Waters for doing an excellent job as our Handicap Chair.  Norm has not only done his job with expertise and professionalism, he has volunteered to help at many other occasions.  I want to thank Norm for a job well done.  I also wish to say good bye to Tim Philips, our 2016-18 President.  Tim, though not a voting member of the Board, continually was able to help us with his expertise, wisdom, and experience over the many years he has been involved in golfing activities at Quail Creek.  Thanks to Tim for his service.

The 2018-2020 Board accomplished a great deal in some difficult circumstances.  We instituted a number of policies that we believed were for the betterment of the members.  Over the last 8 months we have met every month, so we could carry out our club duties.  I will miss not leading this Board.  They are a very hardworking  group.

Here are some of the things we have accomplished over the last two years.  We started competition against other clubs called the Pima Cup.  We reconfigured our budget to more fairly reward winners of our major tournaments.  We instituted a “new member” meeting to help our new members understand the club procedures.  We donated money to the veterans, local food banks and the lady golfers.  We changed our HIO Club to better reward those that accomplished a HIO.  We instituted an annual “Volunteer of the Year Award” named after former member Roy Barnes. 

During the Pandemic, from July through today,  we have been able to play every Tuesday.  Though we had to go to tee times from shotguns, we have had the highest number of participants in the Club’s history.  The signup and card collection system instituted by Jim Lynch and Martin Wibbenhorst has been invaluable for us to all remain healthy and still play golf.  Unfortunately, we had to cancel our 2020 Invitational and we have already cancelled our 2021 Invitational.  Perhaps we will be able to have a Member/Member Tournament in April. These are just a few of the new things we have instituted over the last two years

The incoming President, Martin Wibbenhost, has a wonderful group of men to work with. I would like to welcome new Board members William Sheppard, Vice President, Russell Adamson, Handicap Chairman and Mark Davidson, Secretary.  I know they will bring many new ideas and will work very hard for all of you. So with great optimism, I leave the 2021 Board in the capable hands of our New Board.  I have enjoyed my two year tenure, so thanks to all of you for the opportunity to serve. 

God Bless all of you during this holiday season. 


Shel Zatkin, President 2018-2020