The President’s Corner

President’s Corner – Posted April 25, 2022

QCMGA Members,

We must achieve a goal of four to four and one quarter hours a round for our league events. As I have addressed numerous times, our pace of play (POP) has been slow. We have multiple issues with this pace. Some are:

  • Darkness – unable to finish in reasonable light (December through March)
  • Tee times/shotguns that follow our events. (April through November)
  • Upset golfers (Every Week)

Completing each round within the allotted time provides our fellow competitors with the respect and enjoyment each of us deserves. Therefore, the QCMGA Board has created a Pace of Play Committee to promote a continued awareness of POP and its effect on the game of golf.

Click here to read the Committee’s list of suggestions to help get us to our POP goal. Please review these suggestions and add them to your golf repertoire. If we put them in play, it will assist in speeding up our current POP.

Gentlemen, POP has been an issue for some time. We all must take it seriously. Please read and use these suggestions. We need to be conscious of our playing time and respectful of all players. If we do not get POP under control, we will be asked to start limiting the number of players each week (April through November). To be continued….

Thank you,

Bill Sheppard

QCMGA President


President’s Corner – January 2022

I am looking forward to working with this year’s Board Members and club members to help improve our club.

I would like to thank last year’s members for the support they gave last year’s Board Members.

We plan on continuing the 50/50 raffle, using multiple tees during events and using Zoom in the Board Meetings.

Here are some items that the Board will be working on for 2022, starting a net and gross skins game during the events and work on a solution for the Pace of Play issue that plagues this club when we are teeing off in the mornings as starters for this year.

The Board Meeting this year will be moving back to the second Tuesday of each month. The Board meetings will be held in the Mesquite Room in the Kino Building for the first 3 months of this year.  Notices will go out for starting times of the meetings.

If anyone has ideas or improvements that will help this club please contact me any time and I will get back to you as soon as possible. Also if you have any issues that relate to the club or play during events please contact me or any of the Board Members. Below is my contact information and we are always looking for volunteers. Contact me if you wish to help out.

Gentlemen, I will try to do a month letter every month and if I forget I am sure Jerry will remind me.

Remember gentlemen none of us get paid to play this game so let’s go out and have some fun.

Bill Sheppard

QCMGA President

Posted January 5, 2022 by Jerry Colbert on behalf of Bill Sheppard.