QCMGA 2021 Election Information

Posted September 21, 2020

To: All QCMGA Members

Gentlemen, I have really enjoyed being President of the QCMGA these past two years. We have a GREAT bunch of guys in our club and we have a great deal of fun. Your Board has done a magnificent job planning and organizing the Tuesday events we all participate in. These men work very hard and give their time to make our Club successful.

As I have been your President for the past two years, according to our By-Laws, I am unable to run again for a second term. Accordingly, no one has submitted their name for nomination to run for President in this election. The By-Laws provide for the Vice-President to assume the position of President in this situation, and that would occur at the end of 2020. The current Board Member election is for the 2 open positions becoming available due to the term expiration of current Board Members David Ray and Norm Waters, and that we have 3 election candidates nominated for that position. Any additional Board Member vacancy (in the case of Martin Wibbenhorst assuming the President position) would be filled through an appointment that follows the procedure in our By-Laws.

For the future, I would suggest that we amend the By-Laws to allow the President to run for a second term if he so chooses. This can be done by a two-thirds vote of the Board or a vote by the membership. I will suggest this change at our November meeting so it can take effect in 2021.

We will be looking for one or more members to run for President in 2022. Please keep this in mind over the next 12 months.

Shel Zatkin

President QCMGA

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