Winter Golf – Frost Delays

Frost delays can be annoying to all of us.  But the delays are a very important tool for helping our turf survive the tough winter months. We have all wondered why today is a two-hour delay but yesterday was only one hour when conditions seem to be the same. The following provides some items to be considered.

·         The call for a frost delay must be made early each morning, in the dark.

·         Inversion must be considered (the temperature drops substantially at sun rise)

·         Each hole has its own identity, with individual issues. (i.e.- elevation, moisture, shade, where the hole is located)

·         What care does the course require on that day must be considered.

·         The day’s predicted temperature change has the following affect:

      -If the morning temperature is 28 degrees rising to 55 degrees – a longer delay is needed

      -If the morning temperature is 28 degrees rising to 71 degrees – The day warms more quickly, so a shorter delay will work. 

Our golf course managers consistently monitor the long range and upcoming weather forecast for elements that may impact golfer’s play.  If warranted, crews will come in the prior evening to ensure scheduled duties are completed when inclement weather is expected… 

Again, for long-term turf survival and favorable conditions, we should appreciate a conservative approach when a delay is required.  The video link below explains the situation.

Posted by Jim Lynch on behalf of the QC Green Committee