Take Pride In Your Course

Tips on keeping golf course in good shape

  • Fill divots and repair ball marks – yours and others. Rake bunkers and replace rakes outside of the bunker after use with the handle pointed toward that hole’s tee box.
  • Place used tees and trash in their respective containers. Respect the course and others who are playing.
  • After leaving the teeing area, golfers are to drive carts on the cart path to the gate posts (white posts with blue tops), and to enter the fairway area only through the gate. Once in the fairway area, drive only there and avoid driving in the rough until exiting the fairway approaching the green. When entering and exiting the fairway carts should scatter in the rough area to avoid wearing a single lane through the rough.
  • Golf carts are not allowed in the desert areas, waste areas, landscaped areas, washes, or within 30 feet of the green. Carts must remain on paths on all Par 3’s and follow directional signs throughout the course.