Covid-19 Putting And Bunker Play

Please click on the Title Heading Above to view the complete post in the Reference Section. Hopefully this will answer questions players may have about putting and bunker play under current Covid-19 procedures.

BALL HOLED: There are other variables than speed that can a cause a ball to carom away from the hole. These are true whether the flagstick is in the hole or out or whether there is a foam insert or not. There will be arguments amongst players as to whether the speed meets the 50% speed or not. The Rules call for the ball to be at rest within the hole. Therefore, as a matter of equity, the ball must be at rest in the hole. If not, the ball must be holed with additional strokes, subject to the net double bogey score limit, until the ball is at rest in the hole.  

BUNKERS: Given that our bunkers are relatively firm, damage from footprints and excessive play should be repairable. Any relief moving the ball from the immediate area would be allowing the player to potentially gain an advantage in relief from a difficult lie. The AGA adopted a policy that was fair and allowed the player relief from damage directly affecting his lie. Therefore, as a matter of equity, the player shall be allowed to repair damage in the immediate area around his ball, using either his club, his foot, or his hand in the process, and to replace his ball as near as possible to the original spot of the ball maintaining the conditions of the shot the original lie required.  

George Lamping

QCMGA Rules Chairman

Posted by Jerry Colbert for George Lamping

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