Abnormal Course Conditions Rules Update

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Rule 16 of the USGA Rules of Golf provides relief from Abnormal Ground conditions. Therefore, the Committee has decided to implement the following: 

Crab Grass:

Until further notice, on the Quail nine, because of the crab grass and bare dirt abnormal ground conditions, the player, whose ball lies on a closely mown area (cut to fairway height or lower), may lift, clean and replace his ball within one club length no nearer the hole. THIS APPLIES TO HOLES 5, 6, AND 7 ONLY. 


Bunker renovations are beginning on Road Runner holes 3, 4, 8, and 9.  Therefore, on the Road Runner nine, when a bunker is being renovated, the entire bunker is deemed ground under repair.  If the player’s ball is within the renovation area, the player must take relief within one club length no nearer the hole from the point where his ball last crossed the margin of the area being renovated.

George W. Lamping

Rules Chairman

Posted by Jerry Colbert for George Lamping.

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