Steve Buttrey Shoots His Age Of 72

Please click on the Title Heading Above to view the complete Post in the Reference Section. Congratulations to Steve Buttrey for “shooting his age” of 72 on Wednesday August 12, 2020.

Steve provided the following information on this accomplishment.

“Yes this was my first time. I have come close several times. Most notable was a 69 when I was 68 in the Prickly Pair. The ladies were not pleased.

I played Roadrunner to Quail from the Silver tees. Shot 35 front nine (8 pars, 1 birdie). Shot 37 back nine (2 bogeys, 1 birdie, 6 pars). I played with Duane Blumberg, Harvey Trott (he quit after 15 holes) and a single joined us for the rest of the round………it was an incredibly consistent round. The key was 23 putts. The most stress came on the last hole. A par would give me a 71, but of course I hit my drive under the tree on Quail 9. I hit an amazing slicing driver off the deck. A chip and 2 putts and I was in with a bogey for a 72”.

Way to go Steve!!!

Information provided by Steve Buttrey and Posted by Jerry Colbert.

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