Rudy Natalini – Hole In One

Please click on the Title Heading Above to view the complete Post in the Reference Section. Congratulations to fellow QCMGA Member Rudy Natalini for scoring a Hole In One on Roadrunner #6 on Monday November 9, 2020. Way to go Rudy! Playing partners were Kim Kock and Mark Zink. This was Rudy’s third Hole In One, two at Quail Creek and one in Pennsylvania. Quoting Rudy’s comments on this HIO, “Roadrunner #6, using a 7 iron at 156 yards. Weather was light rain with visibility not perfect. Playing partners hit their shots and we were not sure where they ended up. After hitting my shot, I was asked where did you go, without blinking I stated, Right down the f…… middle, and in the hole! Wouldn’t you know it, it was right down the middle and in the hole. Like the Babe, I called my shot!” Additionally, Rudy commented, “This was the second time where I wasn’t in the Men’s Club (HIO). First time, Shel Zatkin just got one a few days before my first HIO at QC and I did not have money in the till. This time, there was no active HIO club at the time of my HIO.”

Information provided by Rudy Natalini and posted by Jerry Colbert.

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