Jim Ault Shoots His Age Of 85

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Congratulations to fellow QCMGA member Jim Ault for “shooting his age” of 85 on Monday February 1, 2021. Quoting Jim, “I did not expect this much recognition! I played with Dallas Sween and Larry Ganji. We played from the Copper’s….I had 41 on Road Runner and 44 on Quail. Even with a 4 putt and two 3 putt greens!! This is not the first time (shooting my age). The first time was when I was 77 and shot a 76 on my home course in Anderson, IN. The last couple of years I have been playing mostly 9 holes, so I did not have many chances to shoot my age. It certainly increases the excitement level about playing more and more”.

Way to go Jim!!!

Information provided by Jim Ault and posted by Jerry Colbert.

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