Mark Davidson – Hole In One

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Congratulations to fellow QCMGA member Mark Davidson for scoring a Hole In One on Quail 8 on Thursday July 29, 2021. Way to go Mark!!! Quoting him, “it was Quail #8, playing the Silver tee with a Blue Flag in the left corner of the green. Yardage was approximately 137 yards, and I used a choked down 9 iron for the HIO shot. Mosquitos were a nuisance, but I played through any problems with them. I used a Kirkland Special ball that I had in my shag bag for the HIO shot. My playing partners were Chuck Sobiech, Bill Sheppard, and Scott Brannan”. Other items of note provided by his playing partners, was that Mark scored double bogeys on 3 of the next 4 holes following the HIO. Apparently excitement on scoring his first HIO ever got into his game. On the plus side, as a result of the HIO Mark finished in 2nd place in a low net game with a net score of 71 amongst two foursomes playing in a regular Thursday golf group.

Information and Picture provided by Mark Davidson and playing partners, and Posted by Jerry Colbert.

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