Gary Reed – Hole In One

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Congratulations to fellow QCMGA member Gary Reed for scoring a Hole In One on Roadrunner #2 on Wednesday August 17, 2022. Way to go Gary!!!

Quoting him, “I was fortunate to get a HIO on RR#2. We hit from the Copper tees to a Red flag at about 135 yards. No one actually saw the ball go into the hole due to the sun. (We had an early tee time). Since it was not on the green, I figured it was in the bunker in back of the green. But no ball there. Then I looked in the hole and there it was. It was my second career HIO, but the first HIO at Quail Creek.

My playing partners were Gunter Schmidt, John Brooks, and Bob Robuck. Gunter took photos of me on the green, and I will ask him to send them to you. We had two foursomes in our group that day, and everyone enjoyed drinks on me in the lounge afterwards”.

Information provided by the QC Pro Shop and Gary Reed. Photo provided by Gunter Schmidt. Posted by Jerry Colbert, QCMGA Webmaster.

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