Sean Comfort – Hole In One

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Congratulations to fellow QCMGA member Sean Comfort for scoring a Hole In One on Coyote #8 on Friday March 3, 2023. Way to go Sean!!!

Quoting him, “I started golfing at about the age of 8. My parents gave me the choice of left or right-handed. I chose left-handed. So, I have been playing about 55 years.

Coyote #8 – blue pin in the back right side of the green. Silver tees – about 143 yards to the pin. I hit a 7-iron (Callaway Rogue ST purchased new in November 2022). First set of new clubs in 30 plus years. The ball was a Callaway 4 ERC – soft yellow ball. The shot was a slight draw and landed on the very right side of the green about 40 feet from the pin. There was a small bounce left and then the ball began to roll toward the pin. As the ball got closer Ralph Roscoe said it might go in. Twice and then kerplunk!!! The ball was gone and in the hole!!! I was shocked!!! First ever Hole In One for me. We took the after the event photo for prosperity’s sake. My playing partners were Jim Struthers, Ralph Roscoe, and Dan Salazar”.

Information provided by the QC Pro Shop and Sean Comfort. Picture by Sean Comfort and posted by Jerry Colbert, QCMGA Webmaster.

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