Jim Hart – Hole In One

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Congratulations to fellow QCMGA Member Jim Hart for scoring a Hole In One on Coyote #8 on Monday April 24, 2023. His playing partners were Bill Price and George Vukovich. Way to go Jim!!!

There are multiple items of note below about Jim’s career golfing accomplishments that he has kindly shared with us. I had the privilege and honor of playing with Jim during various times over the years, and I look forward to seeing him on the course again.

Quoting Jim, “For this HIO I played from the Copper Tees on Coyote #8 to a deep blue flag, and the scope said 140 yards. I would normally use my Callaway 9 wood, but with a deep blue flag and firm green, I was afraid it might go off the back of the green if I hit it good. I went with the Callaway 11 wood which I hit for 130 yards. The ball landed short of the flag in the middle of the green and it rolled into the cup.

This was my 12th career HIO, and I have had 5 HIO since living in Quail Creek. This is my 3rd HIO at Quail Creek and I also had 2 HIO at Canoa Ranch within a 2 week time period in 2019 when we were overseeding at Quail Creek.

I am proud of the 12 HIO, and equally proud of shooting my age 1905 times as of May 2, 2023. I had shot my age 151 times before moving to Quail Creek. I used to be rather good with a low handicap of 3. I really started to shoot my age just about every time when I moved up to the Copper Tees in 2010 when I was 80. Sounds ridiculous but it is what it is.

I once shot a gross 68 on Roadrunner/Coyote during the President’s Cup. Unfortunately I could only play 2 rounds due to my wife having surgery. I think the 68 is still the record from the Copper Tees”.

Wow!!! What an outstanding list of accomplishments throughout his golfing career. Jim is 92 years young and please congratulate him the next time you see him.

Information provided by the Quail Creek Pro Shop and Jim Hart. Photo provided by Jim Hart, and Posted by Jerry Colbert, QCMGA Webmaster.

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